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Hendrix College

"I was unexpectedly blown away by Hendrix! There should be at least one college as good as Hendrix in every state."
-Colleges That Change Lives

  • Four-year, private, residential, coeducational college of liberal arts founded in 1876 and affiliated with the United Methodist Church; Phi Beta Kappa chapter.
  • A remarkably open, welcoming, egalitarian learning community that prizes individuality.
  • Characterized by rigorous academics within an exceptionally supportive learning environment.
  • Located 25 miles north of Little Rock, Arkansas (metro area pop: 650,000), in Conway, Arkansas (pop: 59,000). The college’s location in The Natural State provides year-round opportunities for hiking, biking, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities.
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W O R T H   N O T I N G
  • Hendrix is nationally known as the home of Your Hendrix Odyssey: Engaging in Active Learning. The ultimate expression of our unique approach to education, the Odyssey program guarantees 100 percent of Hendrix students experience interesting, hands-on learning opportunities and receive official transcript recognition in three or more of the following areas: Artistic Creativity, Global Awareness, Professional and Leadership Development, Service to the World, Undergraduate Research, and Special Projects. Since the program’s launch in 2005, more than 11,000 Odyssey projects have been completed and nearly $2.7 million in Odyssey grants has been awarded for projects that merited special funding.
  • Hendrix maintains one of the country's most ambitious undergraduate research programs. No other college or university in the country sends a larger percentage of its students to the annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research.
  • Hendrix ranked 28th in the nation among all colleges and universities for the percentage of graduates who earn Ph.D.s within six years of graduation. Hendrix ranked 1st for graduates earning Ph.D.s in psychology, 6th for social science professions, 8th for chemistry, and 9th for education.
  • Our graduates' acceptance rate at law schools stands at over 87% and the acceptance rate to medical schools is 89%, nearly twice the national average.
  • Hendrix is one of just 22 colleges and universities in the country invited to become a member of Project Pericles, a national organization devoted to fostering social responsibility and participatory citizenship among college students.
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F A C U L T Y   &   A C A D E M I C S
  • 169 full-time faculty members; 92% hold the most advanced degree in their field.
  • Professors teach and perform research alongside their students.
  • The faculty encourages student initiative, which is reflected in the number of self-designed majors.
  • Hendrix offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in 34 majors and 39 minors. The college also offers a Master of Arts degree in Accounting.
  • Hendrix’s most popular fields of study based on the number of degrees declared recently are biochemistry/molecular biology, biology, English, psychology, and sociology/anthropology.
  • Hendrix participates in cooperative engineering programs with Columbia, Vanderbilt, and Washington universities, which enable students to receive a liberal arts degree from Hendrix and an engineering degree from one of the three schools of engineering.
  • Through an agreement with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Hendrix students can start earning credit toward a Master of Public Health degree while completing their undergraduate work at Hendrix.
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C A M P U S   L I F E
  • Approximately 85% of students live in college-owned housing. Your Hendrix residence hall will influence your college experience in a most extraordinary way; each has its own distinct character, architecture, traditions, and activities.
  • Students are diverse, eclectic, open-minded, politically active, committed to social justice, and concerned about environmental issues.
  • No fraternities or sororities; everyone is welcomed at all social activities.
  • More than 70 active student organizations
  • NCAA Division III, Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference; 21 athletic teams.
  • Hendrix is in the midst of a building boom. In 2008, the college constructed an award-winning 100,000-square-foot Wellness and Athletics Center and accompanying outdoor facilities. In 2012, we broke ground on additional facilities for our student athletes. In addition to two new student apartment complexes that feature two- and three-bedroom housing options for upperclassmen. The $26 million Student Life and Technology Centerour high-tech, super-deluxe, LEED-certified campus "living room"opened its doors in January 2010.
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L I F E   A F T E R   C O L L E G E
  • Hendrix College is nationally known as the home of Your Hendrix Odyssey: Engaging in Active Learning. The Odyssey program channels hands-on learning experiences across a wide spectrum of areas ranging from research, service, leadership, the arts, international travel, and interdisciplinary projects. In sum, the program demonstrates how our students extend their education from the realm of theory to that of actuality. At its core, the Odyssey program helps to connect academic interests with real-world experiences in a way that facilitates exploration of life-long passions and refinement of interests. Odyssey has enabled Hendrix graduates in all majors to develop the skills that matter most for success in any area of endeavor.
  • The qualities that define the Odyssey program are reflected in the life-after-college successes enjoyed by Hendrix graduates. Approximately two out of every three graduates enter Ph.D., JD, or MD programs within two years of graduating, many at some of the nation’s most selective institutions.
  • Moreover, Hendrix has produced 32 Watson Fellows, 24 Fulbright Scholars, 29 Goldwater Scholars, 6 Rhodes Scholars, and has accounted for an impressive aggregate total of Truman, Marshall, Udall, and Jack Kent Cooke Scholars.
  • Indeed, The Chronicle of Higher Education named Hendrix as one of the country’s top producers of distinguished scholars.
  • Hendrix graduates commonly live lives of fulfillment reflective of the College’s eclectic and talented student body as physicians, professors, researchers, authors, attorneys, and entrepreneurs.
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A C A D E M I C   P R O F I L E   O F   E N T E R I N G   C L A S S
  • Middle 50% SAT scores: 1100-1300
  • Middle 50% ACT scores: 25-31
  • 42% were in the top 10th of their class, and 73% were in the top quarter.