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College is a Journey, not a Destination

by Martha O'Connell, executive director of Colleges That Change Lives

"We live in a goal-focused society in which becoming a mindful, lifelong learner — instead of an educational trophy hunter — is not an easily achieved state of mind.

"If I held the magic wand for education, my wish would be that students might approach the college search, as well as their day-to-day learning, with a greater appreciation for the long view: It is not about the race to the end, but instead what you learn from each step in the journey."

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The Primary Purpose of Education: Learning How to Learn

College degree programs that train students only for a specific job may be fine for getting the first job. But that's not the skill that will get them the job beyond that first one or help them keep their job as the world of work changes around them.
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The Order of Things

What college rankings really tell us.
By Malcolm Gladwell, appearing in the The New Yorker.
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Race to Nowhere

Award-winning documentary film that echos the CTCL message of "one student at a time" in a call to mobilize families, educators, and policy makers to challenge current assumptions on how to best prepare the youth of America to become healthy, bright, contributing and leading citizens.
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Does It Matter Where You Go to College?

What sensible and ambitious students should keep in mind about where they go to school.
By Martha (Marty) O'Connell, appearing in the The New York Times Opinion Pages.
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The Merits of Exploring Less Visible Colleges

Looking beyond name recognition when searching for colleges, students leave themselves open to more possibilities for colleges that will be a great fit for them.
By Martha (Marty) O'Connell, appearing in The New York Times blog, The Choice.
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A Better Way to Choose a College

Smart colleges give students a healthy dose of the real world.
By Richard M. Freeland, appearing in the The Christian Science Monitor.
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The Way Forward on College Rankings: Remarks from the Annapolis Group

Questions about the U.S. News and World Report rankings of colleges and universities and about our relationship to those rankings are a sideshow to the serious issues that should steadily concern us about higher education today.
By Douglas C. Bennett, President, Earlham College, delivered to the Annapolis Group, June 2007.
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Some Top Students Look for Hidden-Gem Colleges

Although colleges typically accept more than two-thirds of their applicants—and two-thirds of students get into their first-choice school—admissions anxiety around a small group of highly selective colleges is more intense than ever. But there are still many students who have chosen not to get caught up in the frenzy. They are marching to a different drummer and choosing colleges with different profiles.
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More on "Who Needs Harvard?"

TIME Magazine profiles Colleges That Change Lives in this article titled "Who Needs Harvard?"
By Nancy Gibbs; Nathan Thornburgh, appearing in August of 2006.
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Who Needs Harvard?

The pressure on smart kids to get into top schools has never been higher … but the differences between these schools and the next tier, like those featured in Loren Pope’s Colleges That Change Lives, have never been smaller, according to Gregg Easterbrook, contributing editor of The Atlantic. This article appeared in the October 2004 (Annual College Guide) issue of The Atlantic.
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