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CTCL Notable Alumni

Jennifer Nettles, Agnes Scott College, Country Music Artist
Benjamin P. Burtt, Jr., Allegheny College, Academy Award Winner for Sound Design and Sound Effects Editing
Clarence Darrow, Allegheny College, Lawyer & Civil Libertarian
William McKinley, Allegheny College, 25th President of the United States
Ida Tarbell, Allegheny College, Abraham Lincoln Biographer and Pioneering Muckraking Journalist
Ron Kirk, Austin College, Former Dallas Mayor and current U.S Trade Representative
Roy Chapman Andrews (class of 1906), a classic Beloit thinker/doer.  Believed to have helped inspire the Indiana jones character, his brand of vigorous scientific exploration landed him on the cover of Time Magazine, in the director’s chair at the American Museum of Natural History, and in occasional tight spots while searching for and studying some of the world’s most significant dinosaur remains.
Miles Copeland, Birmingham-Southern College, Music Agent, Manager, and Producer
Rebecca Gilman, Birmingham-Southern College, Award-winning Playwright
Howell H. Raines, Birmingham-Southern College, Retired Executive Editor of The New York Times
Louise Beard, Birmingham-Southern College, Broadway Producer, Tony Award winner
Luther Leonidas Terry, Birmingham-Southern College, Former U.S. Surgeon General
Robert Clem, Birmingham-Southern College, Celebrated Film Maker
Sena Jeter Naslund, Birmingham-Southern College, New York Times Bestseller, Harper Lee Award Winning Author
Laura Brooks Bright, Birmingham-Southern College, Director of Marketing for Whole Foods Market
Randall Goodgame, Birmingham-Southern College, Independent singer-songwriter: Randall is the primary songwriter for the platinum selling Christian folk band Caedmon's Call
Pamela Payton-Wright, Birmingham-Southern College, Award-winning Actress
Homer Hill Norton, Birmingham-Southern College, National Champion Winning Football Coach
Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan, Centre College
Robert Goddard, Clark University, First Rocket Scientist
Lee DuBridge, Cornell College, President of the California Institute of Technology & Scientific Adviser to President Nixon
David Hilmers, M.D., Cornell College, Astronaut, Physician, and Professor of Medicine
Jason Kolowski, Cornell College, Forensic Scientist and co-author of Forensics Demystified
Steve Carell, Denison University, Award-winning motion picture and television actor
Senator Richard Lugar, Denison University, Senior United States Senator from Indiana and the longest-serving member of Congress in Indiana history
Michael C. Hall, Earlham College, Actor & Star of Dexter
Manning Marable, Earlham College, Historian and Social Critic
Francis Moore-Lappe, Earlham College, Author and Cofounder of the Small Planet Institute
Dennis Lehane, Eckerd College, Author
Dr. Robert E. L. Humphreys, Emory & Henry College, Inventor, Gasoline
Harley Orin Staggers, Emory & Henry College, U.S. Congressman and Transportation Visionary
Frank Byron Rowlett, Emory & Henry College, Code Breaker, World War II
Matt Groening, The Evergreen State College, creator of the Simpsons
M.L. Carr, Guilford College '73, former ABA/NBA player, head coach, and executive
Penelope Kyle, Guilford College '69, president of Radford University
Rick Goings, Guilford College ’70, CEO of Tupperware Brands Corporation
Ken Burns, Hampshire College, Director and Producer
Liev Schreiber, Hampshire College, actor
Hayes Carll, Hendrix College, Singer, Songwriter
P. Allen Smith, Hendrix College, Garden Design Expert, Author & Television Show Host
Mary Steenburgen, Hendrix College, Academy Award-winning Actress
President James A. Garfield, Hiram College
Chuck Knox, Juniata College, NFL Coach
William Phillips, Juniata College, Nobel Prize Winner in Physics
Chokwe Lumumbe, Kalamazoo College, Civil Rights Attorney
Julie Mehretu, Kalamazoo College, Artist and MacArthur "Genius Grant" Recipient
Gene Rayburn, Knox College, Actor, Radio Performer & Game Show
Joanne Bauer, Lawrence University, President of Kimberly Clark-Healthcare Division
Campbell Scott, Lawrence University, Actor, Director, Producer, & Voice Artist
Terry Moran, Lawrence University ’82, is the Chief Foreign Correspondent, ABC News
Thomas Steitz, Lawrence University, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry
David Asman, Marlboro College, Network News Anchor
Sophie Cabot Black, Marlboro College, Poet
Maria Pia Sanchez, Marlboro College, Principal Technical Advisor for Emerging Infectious Diseases, Management Sciences for Health
Johnny Carson, Millsaps College, Comedian & Television Host
David Allen, New College of Florida, New York Times Best-Selling Author
William Dudley, New College of Florida, President/CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Carol Flint, New College of Florida, Emmy Award-Winning TV Writer/Producer
Steve Jobs, Reed College, Inventor & Co-founder of Apple
John H. Churchill, Rhodes College, Secretary, The Phi Beta Kappa
Charlaine Harris, Rhodes College, Best Selling Author
Bruce R. Lindsey, Rhodes College, CEO, the William J. Clinton Foundation; Former Senior Adviser to President Clinton
Katie Jacobs Stanton, Rhodes College, Head of International Strategy, Twitter
Francis Scott Key, St. John's College, Maryland, Lawyer & Author of the lyrics for "The Star-Spangled Banner"
Mike Timlin, Southwestern University, Four-time World Series Champion Pitcher
Dr. Joseph DeSimone, Ursinus College, Celebrated "Green" Chemist
The Hon. Joseph Melrose, Ursinus College, American Diplomat, U.S. Ambassador, Advisor to the UN
Dan Mullen, Ursinus College, Head Football Coach at Mississippi State University
Jim Davlin, Wabash College, Vice President, Finance, Treasurer, General Motors
Pete Metzelaars, Wabash College, NFL player and coach
William Wheeler '83, Wabash College, President, The Americas, MetLife Inc.
Billy Graham, Wheaton College, Evangelist
Walter Houser Brattain, Whitman College, Nobel Prize Winner in Physics
William O. Douglas, Whitman College, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Adam West, Whitman College, Actor
Duncan Jones, Wooster, College of, Film Director
The Hon. Solomon Oliver, Jr., Wooster, College of, Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio
Timothy P. Smucker, Wooster, College of, Chairman of the Board and Co-CEO, The J.M. Smucker Company